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February 27, 2020

Wait Hell in Pain reveal the tracklist and premiere of the debut album “Wrong Desire”

The Rock/metal band Wait Hell in Pain reveal the tracklist and premiere of the debut album “Wrong Desire” http://player.believe.fr/v2/3614975683440 out via Revalve records on September 22nd.

The first video “Behind the Mask” will be available on June22rd.

“Wrong Desire” deals with a very common theme: the violence and abuse against women.

The 9 tracks (plus a cover) making up the album, are snapshots that portray the important moments of a metaphorical journey of May, the fictional protagonist, to its rebirth.

May endured for a long time physical and psychological harassment by a male figure close to her. Exhausted by the situation, she decides to show up its dark side, the proud wolf remained hidden under the mantle of a submissive lamb.

May reached the maximum limit of endurance, thinking to kill her tormentor.

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