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December 13, 2019

Interview Pereplut

Hi, Pereplut. Your latest album ‘V Starodavnie Goda’ has been released recently via Stygian Crypt productions. You must be excited?
Yes. It’s very important event for us. This album is our first full-length release. We have done a lot of work to improve the sound quality compared with previous releases. The recording involved a lot of people, so it took a lot of time to record.

First of all, we would like to know about the formation of the band. When and how was it formed? Do you think the band name ‘Pereplut’ perfectly decribes your music and philosophy?
The band was founded in November 2011. Initially we were going to play folk metal in a much heavier way. There were no folk instruments and sometimes we used backing track during the rehearsals. Then, step by step the band was gathered. Shortly thereafter, in February 2012, the first concert was given, the audience met the band with interest, which, in general, gave us strength for further work. Pereplut is a god from the pantheon of the Slavs. There is no a lot information about Pereplut in the annals. We know exactly that people praised Pereplut with round dances, as people at our concerts do. So we think this band name is quiet suitable for us.

Okay now tell us something about ‘V Starodavnie Goda’ album, and the lyrical themes behind each track. What are the ideas you wanted to put across?
Lyrical themes are taken from Slavonic tales and mythology basically . There are stories about greedy priests, sly forest spirits, beautiful mermaids, even cheerful trolls from Scandinavian tales and other mythical creations.

Where and when did you record ‘V Starodavnie Goda’? Are you satisfied with it?
We recorded musical instruments and vocals at Buzzillio Prod Studio. First we worked with local sound engineers, but they did everything in the way we didn’t like. Then we turned to Sergei Lazar from the band Arkona (CDM Records). Result completely satisfied us.

Are not you guys planning to sing in English?
No, we aren’t going to sing in English. We decided to sing in Russian and may be other Slavonic languages initially.

Are you gonna to release some official band merch?
We have some merch. T-shirts, picks, fridge magnets, posters, our CD’s. You can buy them at our concerts. And we are always ready to send our merch to any country by post.

What are Pereplut’s musical and non-musical influences?
Musical influences are exactly folk-metal bands, thrash-metal, black-metal and other kinds of classic metal, rock and punk music. Our vocalist is looking for inspiration for lyrics in various tales, epics, myths. Some texts are written under the influence of real historical events.

Could you please express your personal views on religion and god?
There aren’t religious people in our band. Most of the modern religions are commercial and hypocritical. We are really interested in Slavonic folklore and history, because it’s very important to know your roots, we think. Also we don’t’ like the Christian lie that there was not any culture before the baptism among the Slavs, their hypocrisy and greed which aren’t inconsistent with their religion, and their attempts to cancel some metal gigs in Russia. Also there are a lot of plots in traditional Russian folk tales connected with amoral behavior of pops. So that’s why we use anticlerical themes in our songs.

Shall we expect some gigs across USA or Europe near time?
We would also like this. However Siberia is really far from both Europe and the United States. But we hope that it will happen.

When shall fans to expect something new from you? Videoclip, single, documentary etc?
Well, we released an album some time ago. This autumn we are going to release a single. We had thoughts about clip, maybe we will shoot it in the summer. Also this summer we hope to participate in several fests.

Thanks a lot for the interview. Speak out to your fans, supporters, critics and our readers before we wrap up!
Listen to good music, visit more gigs! See you at our concerts!

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