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May 22, 2018

Interview Alchimia

Hi Emanuele and Alchimia. Greetings from Sick and Destroy team. What are you up to these days?

Hi, Sick and Destroy!
I am very busy in these days. I’m taking care of the album copies and dealing with my fans, which are growing in number every day. Since Alchimia is a one man band this is very tiring but also very satisfying.

Would you please introduce your band to our readers who are not aware of your band and music?

Alchimia is a solo project which was born in 2015 in Vico Equense, Napoli. It focuses on the mix between Mediterranean folk music and gothic metal.

At what age did you guys start playing instruments? Since when are you into metal music?

I started playing guitar when I was 13 years old, and then moved to others instruments like bass, drums, singing and a little bit of keyboards.

Alchimia to release new album ‘Musa’ on May 5. Tell us something about it. Walk us through all the tracks lyrics and meaning.

There is a concept, lyrics-wise, and it is something that I feel very personal and close to me. What you can see is a recurring duality, accompanied with melancholic and cryptic lyrics.
Alchimia is, basically, a metaphoric journey related to the spirit, but it has so many different meanings to me that is very complicated to explain them all in a single interview.

How has been the response so far by the listeners? Have you started working on new songs already?

I have to be honest. I wasn’t expecting this great response by the listeners: everybody loved the record and appreciated so much the style I put in my songs.
A lot of people are buying the record, some even from other countries, even though the record will be released on May the 5th abroad.
Of course, I already have a lot of finished songs, and I think the next album will be a worthy successor for ”Musa”.

When and where did you play your first gig? How was the experience of going live for the first time?

I played live the first time when I was 14 years old. It was frightening, but also very satisfying.

What, according to you, is the secret behind band’s success?

Originality of the sound. Being unique.

Ever had an epic fail moment during a gig?

Fortunately no. I hope I won’t have any!

If asked to differentiate Alchimia from other bands in your country, how would you like to respond to it?

Well, what I think makes Alchimia different is the Mediterranean and Neapolitan folk root, which is very rare to find in other bands.

Which bands/ artists do you draw your influences from? Which are your favorite local bands?

My favourite bands are Novembre, Opeth and Alcest. Basically, those are my main influences, but I also had a lot of bands wich influenced me, such as:
Lantlos, Agalloch, Katatonia, and so on, or even guitarists/singers from other genres, like John Frusciante, Tom Yorke, Pino Daniele, Fabrizio De Andrи and so many Italian folk musicians.

How do you guys manage jobs and gigs? Also how often do you guys gathering altogether just to fun?

I’m playing at the moment with the live lineup, but we live far one from each other, except for my bass player who is a dear friend of mine. We usually hang out for a drink something together, like wine, beer, rum or whiskey. We also share this passion for cigars, so we usually have a drink and a smoke together.

Alchimia is very promising formation. Talking of your future, 5 years from now, where do you see yourself?

With a new record and a lot of live shows all over the world.

Well, that’s it. Thanks a lot for your time. Speak out to all your fans and supporters.

It was a pleasure for me, thank you very much for this interview!