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November 13, 2019

KETCH – ‘The Anthems of Dread’ review

United States of America always had loads of cool bands, everytime I getting something good for me from the US. The same like with the KETCH, the band comes from Colorado, the land of cliffs and show.

I supposed that KETCH plays some kind of black metal (I can’t say why but I did), but I was wrong. KETCH plays such a great mixture between doom metal, death metal, sludge and partially with some signs of afore mentioned black metal.

Musically we have massive doom/sludge metal, with the typical slow tunes, proper thresholds and rough vocals (growls) and sometimes with the distrorted screams. Often KETCH keeping slow (pure sludge) tempos, but sometimes we can hear some faster rhythms.

What I have found is also very good idea how did they combined sludge with doom/death metal – I mean sometimes I have heard some pure doom metal tunes similar to Evoken, Disembowelment and etc.

All in all “The Anthems of Dread” is just kind of doom/sludge masterpiece which is going to press your mind! Moreover this re-issue comes with the bonus – self titled EP from 2014! Released by Aesthetic Death on December 29th, 2016!


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