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May 24, 2019

Mourning Dawn – ‘Waste’ review

Mourning Dawn – ‘Waste’
Aesthetic Death records / Grand Sounds promotion
Release date: January 2017

Uhhhh… French doom metal monsters Mourning Dawn here with the new EP (three songs 25:14 minutes each!) entitled – Waste!

Three years ago Mourning Dawn released two dics album – Les Sacrifies (released by Totalrust Music), and now, three years after we have some new creepy sounds from them.

Musically here is such kind of really dark and at the same time really emotional doom metal, full of depression and dark melancholy, moreover I do not mean some childish depression or melancholy with “screams” of so-called post metal, but real, pressing and deep… Let’s say – Mourning Dawn know how to press your soul with their music.

The songs are slow and comes with really deep sound, plus we can’t miss that atmosphere, which drove me with the feelings like there is end of world, some brutal apocalypse happened and there are not any single alive huhman on the planet, that’s the real feelings I’ve got during listening to these three songs.

Very positive moment is that I had no desire to skip any of tracks in spite of their length. Each track sounds within its own circle, with really impressive mood and tempo-changes, which has been never quit original ideas and atmosphere…

‘Waste’ is truly powerful work, dark, pressing, creepy and pressing…

My personal advice – if yuo are into really pressing atmosphere – do not waste your time and listen to ‘Waste’ even one time in aim to get what I meant. Make some mourning time for yourself!

Written by Audrew.