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December 9, 2019

Centrate – In the face of death

Centrate is a German Thrash Metal Band, formed in Dillenburg in 2010. After playing shows with bands like Dust Bolt, Accu§er, Pribjat, Dawn of Disease, Scornage, Face Down Hero and Constradiction, they recorded their first EP Tiger Force in the beginning of 2015 at the Desert Inn Studio Edingen. The EP got top feedback in the international metal scene and Centrate got a lot of cool show offers.

In November 2015 they played their first European Tour across Italy, France, Swiss, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands.

In 2016 they played more cool club and festival shows. Since the beginning of 2016 the band wrote new songs and entered the Desert Inn Studios again and recorded their first full length album.

The new album is called “Ritual” and will be released on 24.12.2016.

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