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October 15, 2018

Interview Carved

Answered by Cris, singer and Damn, guitarist.

Hi! Tell me about Carved. Why did you decide to name the band with such title? What kind of ideas do you explore?

(Cris) The name “Carved” is born in the beginning of our history, by an idea of Alessandro, ex-guitarist former band; “Carved” is a word really strong and perfect to describe what the band would say and do: to carve emotions in our audience, in our music, in our shows.

If I close my eyes, I couldn’t be able to find any other word to represent our music.

The new logo made by the Italian master of logo View From The Coffin, is a perfect balance between all the various influences that  flow in the simple only word “carved”.

“Kyrie Eleison” album was released on October. How does that make you feel? Do you feel you have put album into masses without any wishes to change something now?

(Cris) Kyrie Eleison is a very important step in our journey; in this work lives all our sweat, passions and energies. If recording sessions of Sies Irae were a challenge and a sort of risk, the production of Kyrie Eleison is been a duty with ourselves, a need, a desire. We have a story to tell, and emotions ready to turn in words and notes, with a product that the whole band could really feel part of itself. I put all my soul in this album , in the hardest time of my life, and I can’t be much more proud for all the sweat and blood carved in every chapter of Kyrie Eleison. No I really don’t feel we have out an album into masses, and I have always been sure that with this album we have something to say!

Tell me more about “Kyrie Eleison”? Album ideas etc…

(Damn) We designed the new album to give elements of continuity and elements of break with the “Dies Irae”, too tied to past members no longer present. The goal was to create a concept album much more creative and mature than the last, ranging in various genres and influences using mythology as a canvas for the songs. We wanted to evolve in the composition, in the harmonies, in the lyrics, arranged orchestral and technique, taking advantage of the particular features of “Dies Irae”. The inspirational keys of the whole concept are mythological and folkloric elements taken from different cultures, from the Greek, to Arabic, to Christianity and much more. We first conceived the topics and the roles of the songs, and then we tried to give more harmony possible between music and lyrics. Through the main story we realized we wanted a philosophical approach about Fate, Free Will and Faith.

Previous album “Dies Irae” was released by Bakerteam, so why you decided to change the label and are you really satisfied now with the Revalve records?

(Cris) Every step has its choices and its decisions; we have decided to take our time for the choice for whom entrust the promotion of our work; here we are with this chapter born by five musicians  that has grown up together with a greater awareness and unity.

We are really honoured and glad to enter in the Revalve family; the seriousness and an incredible clarity and humanity have give us a feeling of protection, and all the hard work for this our album really appreciated.

Where do you take all inspiration from?

(Damn) The best inspiration comes from life’s difficulties. Mythological elements are only vessels of an emotional state.

In your opinion, what is the best way to define Carved’s sound?

(Damn) Carved is a Death Metal project merged with Symphonic, Gothic and Progressive sounds.

So, are you on hiatus now, just relaxed and looking for album feedbacks, or did you started to compose new stuff immediately?

(Damn) Right now all our forces are in the promotion of “Kyrie Eleison” with live activity and other stuff but we’ve already started the composition of the next album. Of course we are excited to view responses from our last release, hoping to be as good as they’ve been until now.

What are your main musical influences? How huge is their influence in your sound?

(Damn) In our music you can hear many influences. The most relevant are Amon Amarth, Dark Tranquillity, Death, Dimmu Borgir and Septicflesh but also Animals as Leaders, Rush, Moonspell, Testament. The list could be endless!

Is there some well-known musician in particular that you would like to use in one of your upcoming albums?

(Cris) Why not! I have always dreamt to insert some special parts realized ad hoc for very special guest musician.

What is your personal strategy for making your music heard by a larger audience?

(Cris) Oh my gosh, is there a way?!

We really love our music, and we are always sincerely excited when someone appreciates our job; and we are lucky to have a brilliant team behind this new album!

Do you have any other hobby beside music?

(Damn) I’m addicted with tv series and videogames but my favorite interest is in Contemporary History.

(Cris) I’m lost in Wanderlust, I’m really addicted with travel and books, but together with the music, my life is dedicated to the sea, and by this atavistic love and respect for the sealife, born our partnership and support to Sea Shepherd, the most important non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization.

The environmental protection and the respect for the oceans and nature  are a very important key of interpretation of our arguments.

Are you all supported by your relatives towards your devotion to music?

(Damn) Of course, all our family and our friends support us and we thank them so much. Their support is priceless; we can’t do anything without them.

How’s the metal scene in your local area right now? Is it easy to play gigs, to buy records etc there these days?

(Cris) We are living in hard time to live in the music reality, but personally I don’t care! Make music has always been difficult; where there is a will, there is a way, you know; to play gigs and to make great music in events is possible, ’cause people that still believe keeping busy they exist, stronger than all; we must never stop to support and respect our local scene and who really care to work for who play and for who love music!

Thank you for answering my questions, see ya on the road!

(Cris) Thank you so much for your time, your support and for your great work! We have really appreciated! Always on the road, and always… Never Enough Epic!