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December 6, 2019

Cities of Mars “Celestial Mistress” EP

Cities of Mars
Interplanetary doom metal
In 1971, the Soviet Union landed a secret agent on Mars.
After her initial reports she vanished without a trace.The mission files and communications reports disappeared and all knowledge of the mission was buried.
Until now.

Celestial Mistress EP coming on an amazing 12” gatefold vinyl record via Suicide Records.

Cities of Mars is a heavy psychedelic/fuzz/doom trio hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden
and was formed in 2014. Songwriter, bassist  and lyricist Danne Palm (ex-Marulk & Monolord) received word through the spacetime about a band that would not only feature crushing riffs and visceral, multi-layered vocals but also tell a tale about an ancient civilization on Mars,
brought back to life by a clandestine Soviet space program in the 1970’s.
With inspiration from bands like Mastodon, The Sword and the Obsessed, a first batch of songs were created and a guitar player was found in Christoffer Norén (ex-Benevolent) and eventually
drummer/vocalist Johan Küchler joined and completed the trio.
In early summer of 2015, the band joined forces with producer Esben Willems (also drumming in Monolord) to record two tracks that began the saga of the cosmonaut Nadia – released as the Cyclopean Ritual/The Third Eye EP in August 2015.

After bringing their spacetime transmission to stages across the country in 2015/16 the story continued on the EP Celestial Mistress,  released via Suicide Records in 2016.

The saga is now unfolding.

Release info:
Title: Celestial Mistress EP
Artist: Cities of Mars
Label: Suicide Records
Format: 12” gatefold vinyl LP
EAN: 7320470210390
Catalog nr: SR027
Release Date: November 4th 2016
Tel: 0046739824245

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