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April 8, 2020

Interview Third Storm


When I got Third Storm promo-stuff from Grand Sounds promotion, I was shocked abit, because I had never heard about this Swedish band before, so I got really great an opportunity to know about this beast!

Hi! Tell me about Third Storm and ‘80s, when you just started the band. Why did you decide to name the band with such title? What kind of ideas do you explore? And what’s happened that band was in huge hiatus since ‘80s until 2015?

Yeah the band was around two years before we split up in 88, the name we thought sounded really cool and was referring to world war three and nothing else. The band sounded different back then, compared to the EP, we were very young  and we just made noise because we couldn’t play well enough. We were influenced by extreme bands of that time and wanted to sound like those guys, actually some of our new stuff we’re working on are more of that old style, but of course well-played this time, the new songs are shorter (6-7 mins) faster stuff, not much doom although we won’t exclude that element in future songs either. Well after the split in 88 the members went separate ways. Our bassist stopped playing music as far as I remember, our drummer and guitarist back then continued with several bands I think. I have no idea what they are doing now. I formed Sarcasm couple of years after the split, a band which is resurrected now and will release a new album next year.

“Tarîtîya Me” two songs EP was released last year. How does that make you feel to put EP into masses after so long break? Aren’t you afraid people will not be interested with your resurrection?

No we are not afraid or worried at all, we’ve received good response and reviews and people who are genuinely into this music aren’t stupid, they  check it out and if they like it, they like it, it’s not more complicated than that, they don’t care if a band is resurrected after a million years or not, some people perhaps do but they are not into music anyway, and it doesn’t matter if exactly every living person on this planet doesn’t check out Third Storm either. We are very happy with the EP.

Tell me more about an EP, are there two songs from upcoming album or just two songs like just two songs EP?

We recorded the EP at Studio Dogfarm in Säffle, Johan Ericson who also play the drums on it recorded and mixed the whole thing in his own studio, a really nice guy who helped us out a great deal and did an awesome job on the final mix. We wanted a sound that ripped the flesh from your face and he gave us what we wanted.  The whole idea of the first song, Oath/Nava Agir was that the first four minutes everything is just fast just like the old days of the band, then suddenly turn everything  360 degrees into funeral doom. It was Jimmys idea to do that and I think it was excuted very cleverly. And of course the EP has medieval choirs, a very eerie outro etc to amplify the atmosphere. And since we had two 13 minutes long songs (the length of the songs weren’t planned at all, it just turned out that way) we thought it would be cool to release a 12” vinyl with one song on each side and have a poster inside, but our label Dark Descent  Records released it also on CD which is cool also. Both songs on the EP will not be on the upcoming album, the album will have completely new ones. I think we’ll have 7 new songs for the album, as I said, they will be shorter and it will be a concept album.

Heval – are the only original member in the line-up… Was it hard to find new musicians and to get them what you wanted? For example, Jimmy returned to the band and then left it again, whats happened?

No it wasn’t hard at all, I knew Daniel and David would fit perfect when we started again, Johan, the drummer who plays on the EP wasn’t actually a member, he helped us out since we had trouble finding a suitable drummer at that time. Well now of course we have Simon on drums and Hasse who replaced Jimmy who hadn’t time for the band anymore, he has a lot of other projects and stuff going on so he left.

Where do you take all inspiration from?

From everywhere, not just music but movies, books, nature, alcohol, life etc. We are a bunch of open-minded people in the band.

In your opinion, what is the best way to define Third Storm’s sound?

Darker than black, apocalyptic, epic and atmospheric black/death/doom I suppose. It’s hard to define our music actually, but that’s my definition anyway. People have given me all kinds of definition and they are all true. I like it when the music is hard to define, that means we have created something unique, but I think the EP will be very unique and “weird” from our future albums, the new songs are easier to grasp and the lyrics will only be in english, not as it was on the EP where 5 different languages were mixed together. Things are going pretty slow at this moment because I am busy with the new Sarcasm album which I mentioned earlier and David is busy writing songs for the new Anguish album. But as soon as we are complete with those things we will complete the new Third Storm. But we have two songs complete already, “A Thought” and “What’s Below Remains Below”.

What are your main musical influences? How huge is their influence in your sound?

We have so many influences, we are all into so many different styles so it’s hard to give some names. In the beginning, in the 80s as I said the only influences we had were extreme bands at that time but nowadays lots of different stuff, but they are not necessarily noticeable in our sound I think.

Is there some well-known musician in particular that you would like to use in one of your upcoming albums?

No, we’re not a rap band you know.

Do you have any other hobby beside music? And what are you doing to survive in the common life?

Right now I’m unemployed so I have lots of time for hobbies. I watch a lot of movies, 3-4 a day. Besides music and movies I don’t do much to be honest. The other guys are busy with work, kids etc but they have hobbies too I think besides music.

Are you all supported by your relatives towards your devotion to music?

Yes of course!

How’s the metal scene in your local area right now? Is it easy to play gigs, to buy records etc there these days?

The metal scene is as always alive and well in Uppsala, lots of cool underground bands with wide range of variety but It’s not that easy to organize gigs here, not enough suitable places, there is one I think. The record stores are gone of course since this thing called internet took over. But there are a couple of second hand record stores that are great, they sell new records too. I visit them a lot.

Thank you for answering my questions, see ya on the road!

Thank you and cheers! Buy the EP if you haven’t and watch out for our first (storm) full-length album.

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