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April 10, 2020

DustInEyes new album distributed by Sliptrick records


Dustineyes brand new album ( their fourth effort following Bullet For My generation) ‘Rat Race’, to be distributed worldwide by Sliptrick Records

Dustineyes has been around since 1999 and after their first Album release as a trio they had some lineup changes. a few years later they got back in shape in 2005 and rocked the stages for 3 heavy years. in 2008 they release worldwide their second album “Next stop hell” via Sliptrick Records from New York USA. and they toured all over Europe sharing the stages with big names like L.A. Guns, Nashville Pussy, Hardcore Superstar, Pretty Boy Floyd, Tuff and Crystal Pistol.

In 2010 they got back in the studio again to record their 3rd full-length album “Bullet for my generation”. This time with the Italian label Logic(il)logic.
This album gave them plenty of new gigs to tour Italy and the rest of Europe for the following years. After their 15 years celebration in 2014, singer Lele Dust decided to take a different road and left the band.For some time it was unclear if the band could and wanted to go on without him. But 1 year later they found a new voice for Dustineyes in a Swiss girl named Flo.

So after another year of countless rehearsals and hard work they are now ready to share with the world their new album. Once again Sliptrick Records will help them to spread their music around the globe and they can’t wait to hit the stages again, starting from this October.

“Rat-Race”, the name of the album, contains 10 heavy and loud songs that unite rock’n’roll attitude with heavy metal riffs and punk aggression. Although the change from Lele Dusts characteristic powerful voice to a female voice seems like a drastic change, critics so far have been heard saying that they can’t really hear a difference, but only see one.

The finish off the new album “Rat-Race” makes a cover from Motörhead, as a tribute to the late, but unforgettable Lemmy Kilmister.

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