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April 1, 2020

Easter Before Christmas lauched new video – “Life”

Italian Alternative rockers Easter before Christmas has just launched new video!

Easter before Christmas is an alternative rock band formed in 2010 in Viterbo, Italy.
In their music they mix up the style characteristics of many musical genres defining their own sound with the word PRUNK!

The band has a Demo-EP and two studio albums.

During their career, they achieved many results as have been selected for important cultural festivals throughout Italy such as the “IMAF Festival” in Milan attended also by Linus from Radio DeeJay; “The Final Act – Rome” presented by italian actor and dubber Pino Insegno; and more. Playing their songs, they have shared stages with several national known artists ie. Massimo Bagnato and some guys from Asganaway. Among the others awards, in 2012, Viterbo Records gave them the “Look and Style Award” for their live performance.
Their music has been broadcast also on some FM italian radios.
In 2013, Easter before Christmas left for their first international tour and they played in almost the whole of England the songs of their first album “The Plastic Bag”


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