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November 14, 2019

Old Pagan “Ogdrun Jarhar” @ Symbol Of Domination


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OLD PAGAN founded in 1996 by Machosias from band Pagan Winter. Started as one-man band, sometimes session musicians. In 1996 recorded & self-released first Promo Rehersal MC with 4 Tracks. Then in 1997 recorded the first Demo “Machosias” and released by Vargulf Prod. This demo was re-recorded, called “Menschenverachtung” and released in 1998 by Vargulf Prod. In 1999 released 7” EP and in 2000 split “OLD PAGAN/GRAUSAMKEIT” by same label. Split “OLD PAGAN/ENDLÖSUNG” released by R.A.C.B. In 2000 released “Thrash Black Metal Holokaust” by Deathstrike Records. In 2003 released “Tecknotschtiklan MLP by Ordealis Records. In 2006 ready first album “In The Sign Of The Battle Dragon”. In 2012 released by Runenstein Records second album “BattleCruiser Old Pagan” and in 2013 MCD “This Is Saarland Black Metal” to show the bond to the local scene. In 2014 released MaledictusS by Narbentage Prod. Also all this time was released compilation, one more split and various re-mastered demos/mini-albums. During 2015 Machosias & S. Vollmer visited once again the Dark One studio Mainz and recorded their newest work „Ogdrun Jarhar“.

Ogdrun Jarhar is a concept album. It deals with the birth of Amon Ramah the son of the fallen angels. Furthermore the lyrics tell us about Ogdrun Jarhar, the parallel universe which is ruled by the seven gods of chaos, like Samael, son of Nergal, the reviving jackal. Musically it can be seen as a continuation of the last work MaledictusS, but with a better production. The album also includes a cover version of the german black metal band Secrets Of The Moon, “Leichengott”.

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