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February 23, 2020

Bestial Deform “.​.​.​Ad Leones” death metal from Russia

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BESTIAL DEFORM founded in summer of 1990 by Kirill Ulanenkov (guitar, vocals, lyrics). The impact on music format had the Florida death metal early ’90s. From the outset, the group chose its own style – death metal. Firstborn appeared in early 1992, he was given the name of “Worship to madness”. Circulation demo was released in the amount of 150 copies. Exactly one year later had a second kid, nasty and gloomy “Malebranche” (demo 1993). In it he revealed the whole essence and inner peace BESTIAL DEFORM. “Malebranche” became a hallmark of the group. During the subsequent time BESTIAL DEFORM is becoming one of the leading companies in Russia and CIS group on death metal scene. Band acts and touring relentlessly, especially successful concerts in Ukraine and Belarus. “Together we’ll destroy the world” (MC 1994), written as usual in St. Petersburg on the Neva studio, she collected the best songs, loudly announcing himself among fans of death metal. Next out demo (1994) “The mystic”. In this demo BESTIAL DEFORM presented new ideas, and they succeeded! This was a step towards the cult album “Bellum contra omnes” (1996). Over the years, the group becomes a professional, creativity and imagination of musicians have no borders. External influence a variety of styles does not change the first stone laid in the foundation of the kingdom of darkness, madness, and the unearthly hate. One steel bar, forged and tempered in the chaos of our world, not bent and bent ever! Hate theory goes side by side with the practice! In 1997, due to differences in BESTIAL DEFORM group suspended its activities, but two years later, in 1999, Kirill Ulanenkov typing a new line-up, once again revives the group. A number of concerts in St Petersburg, in Russia and Belarus reaffirmed itself! Work on the new album “The second coming” happens long and hard, and yet it leaves in 2004. Behind him, in the spring of 2005, the release of the single “We go to kill …”, a kind of prequel to the album “Stop the Christianity!” (2005). The album received very good grades and positive reviews in various publications. On two songs Jesus is Dead and Non-human Low shoot video clips. 2007 was marked by the release of the single dvuhpesennogo “Aut Caesar, aut nihil”. In the entire history BESTIAL DEFORM played many concerts at various venues, performing at festivals, both local and international level. A large number of performances took place in the period from 2009 to the end of 2010. They were performing at festivals and concerts in Russia, Ukraine and Germany. The group shared the stage with bands such as: Behemoth (PL), Dead Infection (PL), Decapitated (PL), Vader (PL), Vesania (PL), Napalm Death (UK), Hypnoz (CZ), Fleshless (CZ), Deus Inversus (DE) and many others. In 2014 comes the next “cluster of dark energy” EP “Severed on pieces”, which is a sort of preview of the new album, which is ready! Also in 2014 and 2015 have been re-released “Bellum contra omnes” and “Together we’ll destroy the world”, respectively. BESTIAL DEFORM not stands alone and is not trying to become a true icon in extreme music, and all the way to the selected group – only them, it is unique, isolated and there is no place for anyone. The Many Faces of the death machine that sweeps away everything in its path, and all! Battering ram, punching gates of consciousness! Catapult that carry the walls, exposing the flesh of cities and sensual creatures! Sadist, savoring of convulsions and agony.

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